Is ResellerRatings legit?

Yes, but. ResellerRatings is legit with reservations. Read more to find our why

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The best part about ResellerRatings is the support that we get and the fact that they understand that our business differs a lot from other e-commerce sites and adjust the support accordingly. Our rep is great and always responds fast to any inquires we might have.


This creation is awesome i've never seen anything like it normally the free subs would be fake but this is legit!


f you care about the happiness of your customers, you need to monitor ResellerRatings to tend to those who use that platform as a method of communication between businesses and consumers.

Negative highlights

Over time, our response rate decreased. Possibly because the format of the review form post-checkout required the user to supply too much information & many users simply wanted to leave a star ratings alone. While review syndication was possible, the response rate was very poor compared to the same service on other


ResellerRatings is not a website being used in the way a consumer would expect. Do not rely only on the reviews posted on ResellerRatings as they ARE filtered. I posted a successful negative review on 9/21/21 about and it was never posted nor did I ever receive an explanation if ResellerRatings decided to delete it or what happened to it.


Basically ResellerReviews is run by scammers. It's a business designed to push businesses into paying for their services.


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ResellerRatings Review

ResellerRatings is a review website that allows consumers to read and leave reviews about their experiences with various companies. It is a platform that aims to provide transparency and accountability in the marketplace by giving consumers a way to share their opinions and experiences with others.

Quality of Service

One of the key features of ResellerRatings is its focus on quality of service. The website allows users to rate companies based on their experiences, giving other consumers an idea of what to expect when working with a particular company. In this way, the website serves as a useful tool for consumers looking for companies that provide high-quality products and services.


In terms of pricing, ResellerRatings is a free service for consumers. Companies, however, can choose to pay for various services, such as verified reviews and enhanced listings, which can help them improve their online reputation and attract more customers.


One of the key benefits of using ResellerRatings is its reliability. The website has a strict verification process in place to ensure that all reviews are genuine and reflect the actual experiences of consumers. This means that users can trust the reviews they read on the website and use them to make informed decisions about which companies to work with.

Online Reputation

In terms of online reputation, ResellerRatings has a strong presence on the internet. The website has thousands of reviews from consumers, which gives it a high level of credibility and reliability. Additionally, the website has a high domain authority, which means that it is considered a trustworthy and reputable source of information by search engines.


In terms of history, ResellerRatings has been functioning for over a decade. The company was founded in 2002 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most popular review websites on the internet. This long history is a testament to the website's reliability and credibility.


ResellerRatings is owned by Consumer Opinion LLC, a company based in San Francisco, California. The company is dedicated to providing consumers with a platform to share their experiences with others and help improve the marketplace.


In terms of competition, ResellerRatings is considered one of the best review websites in the industry. The website has a large number of reviews and a strong online presence, which sets it apart from its competitors. Additionally, the website's focus on quality of service and its strict verification process make it a trusted and reliable source of information for consumers.

Key Features

Some of the key features of ResellerRatings include:

  • User reviews and ratings
  • Verified reviews
  • Enhanced listings for companies
  • Consumer protection tools
  • Easy-to-use interface

Pros of using ResellerRatings

  • Reliable and trustworthy reviews
  • Large number of reviews
  • Free for consumers
  • Consumer protection tools
  • Easy-to-use interface

Cons of using ResellerRatings

  • Not all companies are listed on the website
  • Limited information about some companies


Overall, ResellerRatings is a legitimate and trustworthy review website that offers consumers a way to share their experiences with others and make more informed decisions about which companies to work with. The website's focus on quality of service, reliability, and online reputation make it a valuable resource for consumers looking for honest and unbiased reviews.