Is SmartFinancial legit?

Yes, SmartFinancial is a legit financial service.

Average rating: 3.5 / 5
Weighted average rating: 4.42 / 5
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Positive highlights

I have always disliked buying leads because of the quality of the leads and/or the response of the company when trying to return. We have been using SmartFinancial leads for almost 2 weeks and I have been very impressed with things. Sure we have had some that leads that were not good but Ryan has been responsive and the leads are quickly returned. So far so good we have closed several accounts in a short amount of time.


This has been the best lead source I have ever used. I have tried some over the last 6 years with not a lot of success. SmartFinancial is good about finding leads and setting the expectation prior to the live transfer! We are very impressed!


I have used Smart Financial for almost a year now. The first representative I had promised me things that he could not deliver on and it made for a bad experience. Then April became my representative and took the time to listen to my needs and make sure that all of my expectations were met. I will continue to use Smart Financial as long as April is the ONLY one that handles my account as she is definitely an asset to the company.

Negative highlights

The leads I received from SmartFinancial were terrible. I spent $500 of my retirement money for leads that were supposed to be exclusive life insurance leads. What I got was not fresh or exclusive. I talked to a few people and never gave an insurance quote. Some of the leads I received had wrong contact information or a different party all together. Other leads said they had bought life insurance elsewhere and were tired of being bothered by agents contacting them. The refund policy of the company also failed miserably to meet my expectations.


This company says they will provide an agent with high quality exclusive leads. The leads are terrible, and worthless. They do not offer refunds for the terrible service they provide. Most of the leads will never answer, the few that do say they never asked for a quote or please stop calling me. If you are looking for a good source of internet leads to sell insurance this is not it, don't waste your money.


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