Is Toptal legit?

Yes, Toptal is legit.

Average rating: 4.47 / 5
Weighted average rating: 4.59 / 5
Based on 2588 reviews from 10 sources

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Positive highlights

Toptal matched up our talent in under an hour, and this developer's skillset exceeded all expectations. Top 3%... more like top 1%!!! After inheriting an absolute mess, this individual methodically worked through our list of pain points... what a breath of fresh air. Throughout the engagement, the admin team was super responsive and understanding of our needs. Helped everything go very smoothly. Would not hesitate to use Toptal in the future.


If you ever wanted to feel free to decide who to work for and when but hesitated to go in there just by yourself, Toptal provides just the support you need. It's that safety net that will be there to make sure both sides are respecting the deal, and you can focus on your craft and deliver the best work possible. When you put in a lot of work, combined with a little bit of a leap of faith, you find yourself just where you're supposed to be.


Toptal executed their tasks well and delivered a product that accurately met the client's requirements. They ensured a seamless workflow by remaining responsive, attentive, and accommodating. Their vast pool of talented and capable resources allowed them to meet all of the client's specific needs.

Negative highlights

Toptal has been the greatest disappointment in my career. Hardly will you find there a professional developer, a good rate or an interesting/challenging project. The key is - they don't tell you anything until you are onboard.


I don't believe a promo that I used was honored correctly & fairly. It was relegated to an accounting issue instead of a customer service matter, which is what I believe it was. Ultimately, it resolved itself, but the experience could & should have been better. To a person, each Toptaler we have engaged as been technically sound. However, in one instance, there was poor communication / expectation setting regarding the Toptaler's availability and ability to complete a project. Again, we ultimately resolved it satisfactorily, but the experience could have been better.


I had an unpleasant experience with TopTal. Only after signing up, signing the agreement and providing payment info, they indicated that they do not have a 2 week trial period, it's only 3 days. Some may say this isn't a big deal, but from my experience teams that set up processes for less than upfront communication are typically hiding larger problems. Finally, when I told the sales guy that I was not happy and asked for them to delete my bank info, he lied and said he'd done it. Sort of stupid to tell a customer anything verifiably false. I recommend you consider other sources of talent.


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Full review

Toptal is a freelance platform that connects businesses with top-tier freelance talent. It offers a range of services, including web development, design, and financial consulting. In this review, we will cover the quality of service, pricing, reliability, online reputation, and location of Toptal.

Quality of Service

Toptal prides itself on offering high-quality freelance talent. The company claims to only accept the top 3% of applicants, ensuring that businesses have access to experienced and skilled professionals. In addition, Toptal offers a risk-free trial period, allowing businesses to test out the service before committing to a long-term engagement.


Toptal is not a free service. The company charges an hourly rate for its services, which may be considered expensive by some. However, given the high level of experience and skill of the freelancers on the platform, many businesses may consider the cost to be worth it.


Toptal has a strong reputation for reliability. The company offers a rigorous screening process for its freelancers, ensuring that businesses can trust the talent they hire through the platform. In addition, Toptal offers a risk-free trial period and a no-risk termination policy, allowing businesses to feel confident in their decision to use the service.

Online Reputation

Toptal has a largely positive online reputation, with many businesses praising the high quality of the freelancers on the platform. The company has a high rating on Trustpilot and other review websites, with many businesses citing the platform's rigorous screening process and the expertise of its freelancers as key strengths.


Toptal is a global company, with headquarters in New York City and offices around the world. The company was founded in 2010 and has grown rapidly in the years since, becoming one of the leading freelance platforms in the world.

Key Features

  • Access to top-tier freelance talent
  • Rigorous screening process for freelancers
  • Risk-free trial period and no-risk termination policy
  • Global company with offices around the world
  • A range of services, including web development, design, and financial consulting

Pros of Using Toptal

  • Access to highly skilled and experienced freelancers
  • Rigorous screening process ensures that businesses can trust the talent they hire
  • Risk-free trial period and no-risk termination policy
  • A range of services, allowing businesses to find talent for various projects
  • Global company with a strong reputation
  • Positive online reviews from businesses

Cons of Using Toptal

  • Not a free service, hourly rates may be considered expensive
  • Freelancers may not always be available for immediate hire
  • Some businesses may not have the budget to hire talent through Toptal

In conclusion, Toptal is a reliable and reputable platform that connects businesses with top-tier freelance talent. While the pricing may be considered expensive by some, the high level of experience and skill of the freelancers on the platform may make it worth the cost for many businesses. Overall, Toptal is a legitimate option for businesses looking to hire freelance talent.